It’s tough to decide how much contextual information to include when sharing visual art. On one hand, the meaning behind the image is important for me to communicate. On the other, I want to leave it open for the viewer to decide. That said, here’s some information that I feel is important to include with this project.

My mother left me when I was a baby. Even though it may be difficult for other people to understand how a mother could leave her child, I completely forgive her decision. My father was a monster and leaving was a necessity. The first time I met my mother, I was 30 years old. She lived in a country 10,000 miles away from me. When I first met her, I expected to feel some kind of maternal connection. It didn’t come. My mother was just another woman. Since then, my mother has been diagnosed with cancer. Although she’s in remission, the Big-C makes me feel as if the chance of developing a maternal connection with her is unlikely; there’s not much time left and our interaction is light at best. I fill that void with the fantasy of how my mother could be. I title this project using a word that has never felt comfortable for me to say in her presence: Mother.

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I’m a photography graduate using the body to explore subjects that extend beyond the physical. Portfolio:

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