The photographic image is often presented as ‘reality’ intended to communicate concrete facts about the subject depicted. My practice works towards breaking this illusion by revealing itself as construction. And the reason: even when I use myself to make work inspired by my own interests and personal history, the resulting image/s isn’t ‘real-life’ me. It’s a made-to-be-seen construction. The same applies when I photograph models — the image is never about the model specifically, but something bigger than that. The body in my work is intended to humanise my subject and, because of that, specific identity is often obscured. Even so, the ‘who’ of an image is sometimes much more interesting to the viewer than the ‘what’. That’s all good. As said, the viewer has all the power and, as a visual artist, I have embraced my lack of control.

Below is an image from a body of work made to explore that very subject. Note that this project is currently part of a virtual exhibit open until April 26th on Kunstmatrix:

From The Terrible Places He’s Dragged to at Night, 2020. © Andrew Be

I’m a photography graduate using the body to explore subjects that extend beyond the physical. Portfolio:

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